• Dr. LaWanda Hill


Tools for sexual liberation and pleasure

I'm so excited to partner with Dr. Nikki and Dr. Ebony to curate the ultimate virtual self-care experience for women to re-imagine and reclaim their full sense of well-being!

Navigating Road Blocks of Sexual Pleasure is THE virtual event for women who want to learn what it looks like to re-imagine and reclaim their full sense of self without guilt and shame.

When we hear people talk about self-care, there is one area that seems to be neglected - SEX! This sexual self-care session on demand is designed to enlighten and empower you to reclaim your sexual sense of self! Drs. Ebony, Nikki, and I spend time diving deep into the emotional and physical challenges that prevent women from showing up fully for themselves sexually. We explore how trauma impacts sexuality and sexual experiences, examine the internalized messages you have about yourself as a sexual being, and provide a road map to reclaim your sense of sexuality.

 This virtual sexual self-care session on demand is carefully curated by sex psychologists to help women explore what's keeping them stuck in their sex lives. Click below to start the journey to sexual liberation and pleasure! 

Navigating Road Blocks to Sexual Pleasure: https://gum.co/CAvpAg