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Hill Psychological and Consultation Services

About US

Hill  Psychological and Consultation Services (HPCS) champions inclusion and belonging in the workplace by providing companies with ongoing opportunities for learning and development. Additionally we provide developmental support and continuing education courses for healthcare and mental health providers. We are a Black and Woman owned firm that provides value-based development programs, models, and resources to increase a sense of inclusion and belonging in our ever changing diverse global landscape. Our services are carefully curated and designed to build DEI oriented leaders that are set apart, deliver programming that fosters mental health and well-being among BIPOC employees, and help support providers in their pursuit of cultural competence.

Our Services

Continuing Education programming for healthcare practitioners and mental health clinicians

A service for healthcare practitioners and mental health clinicians seeking opportunities for learning and expanded competence in culturally sensitive interventions.

Inclusive Leadership Development

 A leadership development package for ambitious leaders who want to intentionally cultivate a work culture of inclusion amongst the diverse team they lead. Those who participate in this series understand the fundamentals of DEI and want to cultivate the cultural awareness and sensitivity needed to help them grow professionally.  This value series is intended to equip leaders with skills  to have critical conversations, manage discomfort, move through ruptures and repairs,  and center differences.

Emotional Intelligence Development for Fractured Teams

A development package for teams, fractured teams, and teams experiencing burnout who are seeking to build a more cohesive unit that can successfully move through conflict and growth.

Identity Based Wellness Development for BIPOC Employees

A leadership package for BIPOC communities seeking to cultivate health and wellness in the workplace

DEI Retreat curation

service for DEI Leaders, ERG Groups, Affinity Groups, Growing Leaders, Executive Leaders

 whose primary job description is related to the execution of DEI initiatives in the workplace  who are seeking an opportunity to grow and recharge through an in-person retreat.

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