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Hill Psychological and Consultation Services

About US

Hill Psychological and Consultation Services is a consulting a DEI firm that provides customized professional services to businesses that:


  • Are seeking to eradicate anti-black culture

  • Are dedicated to lifelong learning

  • Desire to foster inclusion amongst their diverse employees, and

  • Are invested in cultivating an environment of positive mental health and wellbeing for their Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) employees.


Executive Consultation: Beyond Diversity, Cultivating Inclusion

We provide professional consultation to executives and leaders on how to move beyond diversity in the workplace to actively cultivating a culture of inclusion. 

Corporate Transformative Series: Identity Based Mental Health and Wellness

We provide tailored identity based mental health and wellness series for businesses seeking to intentionally center the mental health and well-being of their BIPOC employees.

Culturally Sensitive Continuing Education Courses:

We provide  continuing education units for mental health and health care professionals on the following topics:

  • Anti-Black Racism in Health Care: A Necessary Paradigm Shift

  • Decolonizing Mental Health: A Practical Training for Mental Health Professionals

  • BIPOC Women Pursuing Pleasure: A Radical Act of Liberation


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