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About US

Hill Psychological and Consultation Services champions inclusion and belonging in the workplace by providing companies with ongoing opportunities for learning and development. We are a Black and woman owned firm that provides value-based development programs, models, and resources to increase a sense of inclusion and belonging in our ever changing diverse global landscape. Our services are carefully curated and designed to build DEI oriented leaders that are set apart, deliver programming that fosters mental health and well-being among BIPOC employees, and provide culturally sensitive continuing education courses to clinicians.


Executive Consultationion

We provide professional consultation to assess the current needs of the company and provide a road map that brings the vision for diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives into fruition.

Corporate Transformative Series

We provide sacred spaces that center the mental health and well-being of BIPOC employees. These series provide space to reinforce resilience and build strategies for increased agency for navigating the workplace. Additionally, we curate series for non-BIPOC leaders to obtain the cultural awareness and sensitivity needed to move them to greater heights in championing the challenges of today’s ever changing diverse workplace.

Culturally Sensitive Continuing Education Courses:

We provide  continuing education units for mental health and health care professionals on the following topics:

  • Anti-Black Racism in Health Care: A Necessary Paradigm Shift

  • Decolonizing Mental Health: A Practical Training for Mental Health Professionals

  • BIPOC Women Pursuing Pleasure: A Radical Act of Liberation


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