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Take Flight, Together: Panel 1 out of 4, Coronovirus & Clinician Self-Care. Hosted by TogetherWell

Take Flight, Together: Panel 1 out of 4, Coronovirus & Clinician Self-Care. Hosted by TogetherWell

TogetherWell hosted a free online event to help mental health providers with virtual practicing. When we polled the audience 81% reported having never offered telehealth prior to COVID-19. We hope the series of events helped offer some resources for further learning. For more information about Take Flight, Together: A virtual Mental Health Event, please visit: This segment includes Panel 1 out of 4 and it's entitled: Coronovirus & Clinician Self-Care. Moderator Dr. LaWanda Hill is a licensed psychologist, consultant, and curator of spaces. She identities as a proud provocateur for change and champion for wellness. Dr. Hill considers her mission simple in words and complex in meaning: to empower others to be the highest version of themselves. Dr. Hill specializes in providing culturally sensitive clinical and non-clinical services to assist others with integrating multiple aspects of the self into an identity that is authentic and facilitates overall wellness. Her services include individual and group therapy, workshops, consultations, “curating spaces”, guest speaking, and mentorship. Dr. Hill's areas of expertise include women’s sexual health, wellness (mind, body, and spirit) for women of color, multicultural counseling, “creating spaces”, clinical training, outreach, and grief. Dr. Hill is oriented to service and dedicated to lending her voice for social justice and systemic change. Speakers: Helen Hsu, PsyD, is a bicultural and bilingual (Mandarin) staff psychologist and lecturer at Stanford University where she is the liaison to the Asian American Activities Center. Prior to Stanford Dr. Hsu was a manager and clinical supervisor at the Youth and Family Services division of the City of Fremont. Dr. Hsu has been a director of clinical training supervising master's and doctoral psychology and counseling students at Asian Community Mental Health Services, Fruge Psychological Associates, and New Leaf. Dr. Hsu is the immediate past president of the Asian American Psychological Association and was a committee member on the American Psychological Association Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression. She is the current chair of the American Psychological Association Minority Fellowship Program Training Advisory Committee. Dr. Meag-gan O’Reilly is a Staff Psychologist and Program Coordinator of Outreach, Equity & Inclusion at Stanford’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), and Lecturer for Human Health and Performance in the Stanford School of Medicine. After over a decade of providing counseling, Dr. O'Reilly is Co-Founded and CEO of Inherent Value Psychology INC., which operates out of downtown Palo Alto and provides group and individual clinical services for Silicon Valley professionals as well as national and international consultation, and speaking engagements. Notably, she took to the TEDx stage in 2018 to remind us all of our unconditional worth as people. Her talk: Enough is Enough: The Power of You Inherent Value can be seen on Youtube. Her research focuses on social justice and her areas of clinical expertise include college student mental health, perfectionism, trauma, and social identities particularly social class, race, and gender. She believes deeply in the transformative power of psychological science to liberate and improves lives. Here are additional notes/resources from our event: Because 100% of our attendee's requested additional events from us we will be hosting an event every THIRD THURSDAY. To learn more, please visit: Are you interested in becoming a speaker? Fill out this survey, and tell us more about your expertise: DISCLAIMER: Thank you for joining TogetherWell's event. Please note that the opinions, advice and information offered today are the opinions and advice of the panelists and not that of TogetherWell. TogetherWell does not take responsibility for any of the content provided. TogetherWell is a nonpartisan mental health advocacy organization without party affiliation, bias, or designation. We seek to work with all Members of Congress, regardless of their political affiliation, to advance such policies. We hope you enjoy the event. If you are in need of support, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

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