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The Break Room - There's Levels to this: 2020 While Black

A new web-show dedicated to mental health and wellness for Black folxs at work!

I am excited to be one of the co-hosts of the new web show, The Break Room. The Break Room is focused on mental health, wellness and healing for Black folxs at work and co-hosted with myself, Dr. Nikki, Dr. Jide, and Dr. Brian Dixon.

You can expect 35 minutes of real talk from real experts about the real ways Black folks experience anti-black racism at work and provide insight on how to protect and heal ourselves.

To that end, you're invited to tune in every Thursday at 5pmCST to watch the show live. If you miss the live version, no worries. There is a recorded version posted immediately after each session.

We popped off our season discussing, 2020 While Black, and addressed the levels of impact to our mental health. You can check it out:



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