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Dr. LaWanda Hill

Dr. LaWanda Hill is a licensed psychologist, consultant, and CEO of Dr. LaWanda Hill, LLC.  Having attended THEE historically Black college, Southern University and A&M College, Dr. Hill began to get language and education that mirrored many of the challenges she faced  growing up in a small rural town with limited resources and few opportunities. As the first generation to be educated, she experienced first hand what it was like to inherit a survival mindset, survival habits, and ways of being that keep you stuck in survival mode- and so she developed an intimate appreciation of the unique experiences  and challenges that Black women face across the Diaspora. 


As Dr. Hill pursued a Masters of Education in Professional Counseling, and Doctorate of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology from the University of Houston, she began to combine her training  with innovation to create a blueprint for Black women to thrive.   She dedicates her life’s passion to the empowerment and liberation of Black women, from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Dr. LaWanda Hill is a passionate and fierce leader blazing new trails in the mental health and wellness industry- carefully curating services that unapologetically and unequivocally center Black women's plight from surviving to thriving.

When she is not busy CEO'ing at  Dr. LaWanda Hill, LLC, she practices as a psychologist seeing clients for individual therapy and wellness coaching.



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