Transformation Gathering Experiences and Immersive Workshops

Immersive workshops and courses

We offer transformational experiences for women who are pursuing the journey of becoming a better version of themselves. During our transformational gatherings and experiences, we facilitate self-reflective and thought-provoking group discussions and engaging exercises that center the very dynamic aspects of women seeking to grow spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and in their capacity to experience pleasure. 

We provide the following immersive workshops and courses:

Women Unlocking Pleasure

A 3-week course focused on cultivating the key that unlocks partnered pleasure; sexual communication. Week1 begins with the basics of  sexual communication. In week 2, we move into sexual self-disclosure. Week 3 ends with putting it in action with fun role-play where we put our new skills to the test. 

Women Redefining Strength and Resilience

A 1- hour workshop for women who are in great need of a recharge! Too often, we incorrectly define what it means to be strong and resilient, and that ultimately leads to  a state of  burnout, depletion, chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. True resilience necessitates that we are intentional about taking pauses to recharge. In this workshop, we gather to define strength and resilience, identify the stories we tell ourselves that hinder our capacity to sufficiently recover, and identify 5 tools to pursue healthy resiliency. 


(Available in-person or virtual)

Corporate Transformational Series

We provide tailored programs that move DEI from theory to practice in the following areas.

  • Going Beyond Diversity

  • Centering Individuality

  • Inclusive Environment Support

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Executive Individual Therapy

As leaders we do not always prioritize our mental health and well-being or give ourselves permission to pause and reflect. That pause is so critical because it allows us the space to check in and reflect on our success on the journey towards wellness and evolution towards a higher version of self. For that  very reason, I offer individual therapy to executives seeking support in better boundary setting, managing burn out, navigating race related/minority stress, relationship and interpersonal challenges, role transitions, and grief.