Individual Therapy

Too often, we do not prioritize our healing nor give ourselves permission to pause. That pause is so critical because it allows us the space to check in and reflect on our success on the journey towards wellness and evolution towards a higher version of self. Additionally, we are afforded the privilege to explore very important areas such as how we are moving in the world, the impact of the relationships we are in, how are we showing up in relationship with ourselves and with others, and how the systems we are engaging in our impacting us both positively and negatively.  It is a space to identify the ways in which we can take the wisdom of our experiences and allow that insight to inform the step we take towards change and evolution. 

Group work

In the context of relationships, we experience the greatest healing and evolution, and learn about ourselves and patterns. Within the groups we are a part of, we are allowed the space to connect via our common experiences, explore our differences, and gain support from others who share common goals and may experience similar issues. I facilitate self-reflective and thought-provoking group discussions consisting of exercises that are highly participatory and engaging. I provide an enlightening, empowering, and dynamic experience on topics of liberation, empowerment, sexuality, intimacy, romance, spirituality, boundary setting, self-worth, and vulnerability. 

This work assists those gathered in exploring the journey ahead and becoming equipped with the tools necessary to pursue their vision and goals. The identities of the groups are vast, the outcomes are different, but the answer is the same; gathering in community with others to unlock your greatest potential and achieve our desired outcomes.


Curated Conversations

Growth lies within discomfort. Yet, we still find ourselves struggling to have brave conversations that are uncomfortable yet necessary for growth.  I provide expertise in curating spaces to foster challenging yet meaningful dialogue that will lead to self-discovery and growth. I enjoy skillfully allowing space for diverse voices to come forth to share their truths related to topics salient to overall wellness. These facilitated conversations lead to self-discovery, growth, and change.


I enjoy providing my professional expertise to corporate, educational, non-profit, and community based organizations on how to become anti-racist in ethic and practice and non-complicit in anti-black culture. 




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