Immersive Workshops and Transformative

 Gathering Experiences 

Immersive Workshop


We provide the following immersive workshop:

Executive Leadership Development (ELD) 

ELD is a half day (5.5 hour)  virtual workshop for Black women in leadership.

Black women who invest in this workshop will: Build a network and community by being a part of a cohort of other Black women leaders facing similar challenges; Engage in thought provoking exercises that increase self awareness of ways they've been conditioned to show up in the workplace; Learn the skill of broaching and navigating critical conversations; Learn how to navigate functional conflict; Learn the fundamentals of identifying ruptures in professional relationships and navigating repairs; and Gain exclusive access to a private group following the workshop for ongoing support and community.

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Transformative Gathering Experiences

We offer the following transformational experiences:

Cohort Based Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching is a 12-week cohort based development opportunity that equips women leaders with the knowledge and tools to properly label and manage emotions, employ effective communication strategies, and implement skills to navigate ruptured interpersonal relationships. 

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Corporate Transformational Series

We champion inclusion and belonging in the workplace by providing companies with opportunities for ongoing learning/unlearning and development.  We provide the following packages curated specifically for your team:

  • Inclusive Leadership Development

  • Emotional Intelligence Development for Fractured Teams

  • Identity Based Wellness Development for BIPOC Employees

  • DEI Retreat Curation

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Executive Individual Therapy

Too often, as leaders of families, communities, teams, and businesses, we do not  prioritize our mental health and well-being. So busy getting it done by any means necessary, blazing trails, steering the vision for organizations, and taking care of others needs, we do not give ourselves permission to pause and reflect. That pause is so critical because it allows us the space to reflect on the state of OUR health, identify stuck points & ways of being that hinder our growth, and identify the work that needs to be done to evolve into higher version of self. For that very reason, we offer executive individual therapy to women leaders who are ready to give to themselves with the same fierceness and dedication they give to others.  We help women leaders move from surviving to thriving, build emotional intelligence, communicate effectively, practice vulnerability, set and implement effective boundaries, and learn to honor their needs.


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