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Dr. LaWanda Hill Presents Courageous Conversations

Listen I was going through the stats and found out that over 70% of women be faking pleasure and orgasms.

I for real want to know why. Help me understand. I know when we were young we all did it. But I want to know why are we STILL doing it!

I assure you that men will experience pleasure and orgasm 99.9% of the time, AND will tell you what they do and do NOT like. Ladies, we have to do the same and close this orgasm and pleasure gap through some courageous communication!

Courageous Communication doesn't have to be scary! In fact it can be fun, flirty, and sexy if you feel confident in your ability to do so. This is why we are offering an immersive workshop where you will gather with other women, and together cultivate the sills necessary to confidently communicate your wants, needs, and desires to your partner(s).

This workshop will (1) cover the basics of sexual communication, (2) discuss sexy self-disclosure, and (3) put your new skills to the test with fun role-play scenarios. Join our mailing list for a 15% discount at



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