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Inaugural Retreat for Black Women Leaders (#3RELITE) Recap

Happy Monday Y’all!

I’m dropping in to share a recap of the Inaugural Retreat for Black Women Leaders; a group of women we are referring to at the #3RELITE. Y'all, we had a time! Black women leaders from multiple industries including tech, higher education, higher education administration, child welfare, consulting, public health, airline, legal, arts and culture, business, and investment banking gathered from across the United States in downtown Los Angeles. It can only be described as magical. You can see the magic up close and personal here.

I absolutely loved everything about this space, and the women did too. Perhaps what lingers the most is the community that was built, the laughter that was none stop, and the deep commitment to leading differently. Though these women were from different industries, their plights were similar, and their bond following this space was undeniable. We. had. A. time. And I heard they have a group chat without me…(side eye) LOL.

These amazing women retreated from their day to day to recharge, reset, and realign on their leadership journey. Over the 1 1/2 days, they reimagined the way they pursue their work, realigned with themselves, and reframed their professional goals. Black women walked away ready to be transformative leaders that not only lead with their words, but with their actions.

These women have been on the journey of unlearning generational patterns of self-betrayal, self sacrifice, and continuous cycles of burnout; and they collectively said farewell to leadership that requires them to show up as a fraction of themselves, dishonors their full identity, and denies their birthright to health and well-being!

The journey for most of these women began as they attended the Executive Leadership Development workshop, which is offered virtually every fourth Friday of the month and facilitated by myself and Danielle Gautt, LCSW. This space was the beginning of leading differently, and we hold this space every fourth Friday of the month. We have two more cohorts left during spring before we pause for summer break; May 26th and June 23rd.

Pick a date and join a cohort! Completing this workshop will not only transform the way you lead, but provide a community, and of course an invitation to join us next year in Los Angeles for the 2nd Annual Retreat for Black Women Leaders!

We're ushering in a new era of leadership! Join us, the #3RELITE!


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