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Dr. LaWanda Hill featured on Taraji P. Henson Peace of Mind

Everyone is deserving of psychological safety.

It was an honor to sit down with Taraji P. Henson and Traci Jade for the season finale of Peace of Mind with Taraji. On this episode I discuss how we can do our part in improving the mental health of Black Trans Women.

The systems we live in and the values we have as a society make Black Trans women endure triple marginalization. That means, the small things we take for granted like being referred to as she or her, wearing the clothes that make us feel comfortable in our skin, feeling safe to go to the grocery store, riding a train without being attacked, or being in public on a date without stares is all a privilege. These privileges give us a sense of psychological safety that contribute to positive mental health.

That unfortunately is not the reality for Black Trans women. Living in a world that is filled with constant threats begins to have a negative impact on mental health. Check out my professional opinion on how we can do our part in alleviating some of the burden that Black Trans women endure here:



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