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it's Sexual health awareness month

Give yourself permission to explore.

September is sexual health awareness month y'all, and I am glad about it. It makes me pause...and reflect on if I am actively pursuing pleasure. It has been a rough year and as Dr. Nikki shared, (@drnikkiknows on Instagram)

" of the many things I love about being Black in America is our capacity for and persistent pursuit of joy. "

Pursuing joy is pursuing pleasure, and THAT is such a radical act, especially at this moment in time.

Too often we are so busy being everything to everyone that we are not giving anything to ourselves, and certainly not taking the time to actively pursue that which brings us pleasure.

Explore. Experience. and Evolve in your sexual health! Don't leave September not more aware of what brings you sexual pleasure and not motivated to actively pursue it as often as possible. This is the month to dedicate to evolving sexually!

Here's what you can expect for the month of September: curated conversations around sex, intimacy, and pleasure; social media engagement around pleasure, and weekly blog posts that will invite you to explore your erogenous zones more intentionally.

Erogenous Zones are parts of the body that are sensitive to sexual stimulation. We all have them. All sexual encounters should be pleasure focused and include these sensitive areas of sexual stimulation.

Do you know where your erogenous zones are?

Do you feel empowered to lead your partner(s) in engaging those areas?

Do you pursue your birthright of pleasure during each sexual encounter?

If the answer to any question above is no, we have all month to change that! Lets make that a priority today. Prioritize exploring the following: what stimulates you visually, what types of touch you find the most pleasurable, what smells activates you sexually, what tastes brings the greatest fulfillment, what you need to hear to peak your pleasure, and finally sharing with your partner(s) your magical sexual pleasure combo.

I am excited to radially pursue pleasure! I hope you are too. You deserve it!



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