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Real talk With Dr. LaWanda Hill

Centering Black women stories thoughtfully and unapologetically.

Hey y'all! I am super excited to share a new space, Real Talk with Dr. LaWanda Hill on Youtube.

Real Talk with Dr. LaWanda Hill is a space where we center the experiences of Black women, value our beautiful complexities, and provide thoughtful and informed perspectives that will inspire you on your unique paths. We cover topics that speak to your sexual, spiritual, emotional, and physical selves. Our paths may look different, our journeys unique, but our experiences are very similar. And I believe that if rooted in a healthy and fruitful community, we can all continue to evolve into higher version of ourselves.

Real Talk with Dr. LaWanda Hill is a REAL SPACE. We are not here to perpetuate the cycle of fluff topics and perspectives that keep us stuck as a collective, nor do we aim to show case perfect journeys that are not without failures and mistakes. We are here to provide a platform to address critical topics and hold conversations with thought leaders who provide their unique stories and expertise that are real, relatable, relevant, and thought provoking. Here we push the envelope and curate a space that celebrates Black girl magic and community, and also challenge you to grow. We want to invite you to the space; each one bring one and subscribe below:



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