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Physically Distant but Socially Connected

As an extrovert, this California extended Shelter in Place order has been HARD. There goes my mid-week happy hours, my weekend brunches, and my season 4 "Insecure" watch party. It's been quite the buzzkill, to say the least.

What gives me life is gathering around a large number of folks, in real-time and action! This is where my joy is. I’m a Scorpio so this order to be “socially distant” doesn’t sit well for me; mentally, emotionally nor sexually (we’ll get into the impact of COVID-19 on sexuality at another time on a different blog post ). This has been a hard pill for any of us to swallow. This is primarily due to the reality that social connections help us thrive and stay healthy. We grow and evolve the most in the context of connections and engagement. It IS a fundamental truth for human beings; our social connections = shifts. Shifts in moods. Shift from a negative to positive perspective. Shift in energy. Social engagement does us a large amount of good.

*cue D-Nice [@dnice] It’s not in our DNA to be socially distant. This is why over 140k folks tuned in live for #clubquarantine; the reason why there is a #20for20challenge , the #shotchallenge and many other challenges have been birthed during COVID-19 shelter in place. We are better together and rely on social engagement more often than we think. Sure, this pandemic warrants physical distance, but it doesn't mean we should become socially isolated. We must know the difference in order to come out stronger after all of this is over.

I’ll leave you with a few reminders:

-Let's not lose our social connection in our physical distance.

-Create some space. Flatten the curve, but DO NOT stop connecting. Our emotional, social, sexual, and spiritual well-being depends on it.

-Be intentional. Connect with those that you care about.

-Above all remember that we are social beings. We need each other. Literally. We are interdependent and in this together.

In solidarity,

LaWanda Hill



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