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Redefining Strength & Resilience

We are not limiting our centering of Black queer folxs to June! Dr. LaWand Hill and KC Cross are excited to present Beyond Pride, Redefining Strength and Resilience, a free workshop centering the health and well-being of Black queer folxs beyond pride month.

Redefining Strength and Resilience- a 1.5 hour workshop for Black queer folxs who are in great need of a recharge! Too often, we incorrectly define what it means to be strong and resilient, and that ultimately leads to a state of burnout, depletion, chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. True resilience necessitates that we are intentional about taking pauses to recharge.

Take a moment to pause and ask yourself:

Are you struggling to overcome that never ending narrative of Be strong. Push through. Show strength?

Feeling burned out, stressed, anxious, and depleted?

Feel like your emotional gas tank is on E?

Just need a space to gather and recenter yourself?

If you answered yes to any of the reflection questions above, this workshop is for you.

Join Licensed Professional Counselor KC Cross and Licensed Psychologist Dr. LaWanda Hill for a free workshop as they center Black Queer folxs who are in need of a space to pause, gather in community, and leave renewed. In this workshop, we gather to define strength and resilience, identify the stories we tell ourselves that hinder our capacity to sufficiently recover, and identify 5 tools to pursue healthy resiliency.

* Limited seats available



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