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The Break Room - The Body keeps the score

There is no denying the negative impact of white toxicity on the psychological and physical health of Black and Brown folxs at work.

Dr. Jide and I sat down to talk about it on The Break Room. The Break Room is a web show that focuses on the mental health and wellness of Black folxs at work. On our last episode, we paused to acknowledge how our body keeps the score of white toxicity and shared tools on what to do about it.

One extreme version of white toxicity occurred on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 as a white terrorist executed a hate crime targeting majority women of Asian descent in Atlanta, Georgia. In the last year, there has been a spike in incidents of Asian American hate, which has been due in large part to the past president of the United States.

Unfortunately, these hate crimes that target Asian Americans activate the trauma Black and Brown people feel in their bodies and psyches. Check out our last episode on The Break Room where we sat down to identify some common manifestations of white toxicity: whitewashing, gas lighting, and white niceness.

Without the language, it is difficult to understand its impact. We break it down here:



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