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Executive Leadership Development Workshop

Equipping Black women leaders across the U.S. with the consciousness, community, and skills to be emotionally intelligent leaders!

Executive Leadership Development (ELD) is a half day (5.5 hour) transformative workshop for Black women in leadership facilitated by Dr. LaWanda Hill, Licensed Psychologist and Black Women’s Wellness Expert and co-facilitated by Danielle Gautt, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

ELD is an engaging, immersive experience designed to build a community of Black women leaders who desire to engage in self-reflection, increase critical consciousness, cultivate new skills, and leave empowered to be transformative leaders!

Whether you are an early career professional, or mid to senior level leader, this workshop is the right space for you!

Black women who invest in this workshop will:

- Build a network and community by being a part of a cohort of other Black women leaders facing similar challenges

-Engage in thought provoking exercises that increase self awareness

-Learn the skill of broaching and navigating critical conversations

-Learn how to navigate functional conflict

-Learn the fundamentals of identifying ruptures in professional relationships & navigating repairs , and

-Gain exclusive access to a private group following the workshop for ongoing support and community

There is a lot to cover in 5.5 hours! During this workshop, participants will explore their cultural socialization and gain insight into how it informs the way they have been conditioned to show up professionally. This exercise is called, Exploring our Ways of Being.

Next, participants will be introduced to a skill critical to being a leader; Broaching Critical Conversations. In broaching critical conversations participants will discuss what Dr. LaWanda Hill refers to as “making the invisible forces visible”. The invisible forces in the workplace that need to be named in order to address. They include race dynamics, value conflicts, power dynamics, gender dynamics, microaggressions, etc.

The third session will cover The Fundamentals of Rupture and Repairs. Dr. LaWanda Hill will define what constitutes a rupture in relationships and teach the steps to repair.

Finally, Dr. Hill is a firm believer that workshops shouldn’t be boring. So in the fourth session, participants will put their new skills to the test with role playing scenarios that require broaching critical conversations and navigating a ruptured relationship.

**Note, spaces are limited.

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